SHIMMER is a hardware platform designed explicitly for wearable health sensing in both connected and wireless environments. SHIMMER is an acronym defined as Sensing Health with Intelligence, Modularity, Mobility, and Experimental Reusability.

Realtime Technologies have licensed the SHIMMER remote monitoring platform from Intel. Under the agreement, Realtime will develop, manufacture and distribute SHIMMER. When combined with the BioMOBIUS Research Platform, the SHIMMER provides a significant opportunity to improve both patient care and quality of life.

For further information or to order SHIMMER hardware please email
If you are interested in the BioMOBIUS block to communicate with the SHIMMER device, please visit the BioMOBIUS site.
At this point one of the best online resources on SHIMMER devices is  the community-supported documentation site (Wiki-based).
If you need help in programming a SHIMMER device please subscribe to the mailing list for tinyos on SHIMMER devices.